Of Mountains and Monsters is a literary theory blog, based on the ecogothic. It is a space for exploring the emerging discipline of the ecogothic, and interacting fields of literary criticism: ecocriticism, the gothic, feminism, ecofeminism, and ideas of space and place.

There will be a focus on gothic concepts, such as: monstrosity, fear, boundaries, transgression, oppression, the uncanny, death and decay, the supernatur(e)al, and the sublime.

Of Mountains and Monsters is on Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads, the feeds for which also appear on the blog. Please click on the relevant icons to follow! Instagram features beautiful bookstagrams and landscape photography. The Goodreads account is a place for book reviews, and reading lists. Twitter is a place for everything literatary and ecological, while the blog itself will link everything up and be a place for longer articles.